Play JetX

Play JetX – SmartSoft Gaming’s JetX is a fantastic new online game you should play right now. Unlike other games, it has no limit on how much money you make, which might appeal to gamblers. While it is risky and dependent on luck, specific tactics and pointers might help you win a lot of money. The JetX Game was initially released on the Georgian gaming market in 2019 and then in 2021 worldwide.

Let’s have a look at the game right now. Crash games are rapidly gaining popularity in online casinos. In 2019, the Smartsoft Gaming provider released JetX, which immediately became a hit on many popular gambling sites.

Play JetX

Play JetX – The game refers to developing a new game format which offers an entirely new principle of entertainment based on the human factor. The main feature is that players are constantly in the dark, expecting big wins. There is always a choice: settle for small wins or try to reach the highest odds. As in most games on the Internet, the last word remains Fortune.

This type of crash game is an innovative feature of developers for online casino sites, which occupies a leading position among gaming content. Such popularity of crash games is quite understandable, given the multiple advantages.

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Play JetX – How to play JetX?

The game JetX touches on the subject of aviation. Players enter the airport runway with the opportunity to witness the victorious takeoff of aircraft. To play and win at JetX, you must first know the basic rules. Also, victories bring the application of strategies and tactics much closer.

JetX Game by Smart Soft Gaming

Quixx Jeux – When playing JetX, you might put one or more bets on each round, attempting to predict which multiplier the plane will crash. The higher the multiplier of your bet, the longer the plane flies. You may wager anything from 0.10€/$ to 300€/$ per round. Even at a 1.00 multiplier, it can catastrophically fall anytime (range 1 to infinity). 

The game’s objective is to cash out before the jet plane goes up in flames. Your bet will be lost as soon as it crashes. Will you play it safe and cash out early, or are you a gambler who wants to take chances and attain these high multipliers?

Hundreds of thousands of players are betting on the same plane simultaneously during a game round. As the round progresses, other gamers cash out. Will their choices have an impact on you?

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Play JetX – Auto-Withdraw or Manual Withdraw

You have two options for cashing out when it comes to money. You may take care of it whenever you like or enable the auto-withdraw option. With this option, you can set a goal multiplier at which you will automatically exit the current round. Of course, if the plane crashes before then, you will lose your money. It’s also possible to withdraw manually while using auto-withdraw. This is why some gamers use a high to mid multiplier in auto-withdraw modes, such as 20 – 30, and withdraw manually if they believe the plane is about to crash.

Play JetX – What is JetX?

JetX is a new online game that has become very popular among gamblers. It is a game of chance where you can earn money. The amount of money you can earn depends on your luck. However, there are specific tactics and pointers which, if followed, might help you win more money. 

How to Bet in JetX Game? 

To start playing JetX, you need to bet on it. You can bet on the outcome of a game, or you can bet on the numbers that will be generated. The amount you can earn depends on your luck and your bet.

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The game’s meaning in JetX can vary, depending on the player’s preferences. You can start developing for fun in the demo version, where bets are accepted with game currency. It is also possible to play for money, receiving real rewards.

The latter depends on the size of bets and various tactics and risks.

The main thing is to strive for the goal and not to take extreme measures, trying to recoup. Crash game JetX allows you to try your luck today on top casino sites.

As you can see, JetX deserves your attention. There should be no problems choosing an online casino where to play JetX. Our site presents the best online casinos, and you will easily find options for where to play JetX. And bonuses for new players will be an excellent addition to enjoying the game. The best casinos to play JetX on our site.

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Play JetX – What is the Best JetX Strategy?

 The best strategy is to be patient and cash out early. Using the auto-withdraw feature is also a good idea, as it will help you minimize your losses if the plane crashes. Of course, no one can predict when the aeroplane will crash, so it’s essential to be aware of the risks involved in playing JetX. However, if you use the abovementioned strategies, you’ll increase your chances of winning big.

Play JetX – Betting Big on a Low Multiplier & Betting Low on a High Multiplier

This is a common JetX strategy. They drop a big bet on a low multiplier with auto-withdraw and place a little wager on a high multiplier throughout the same round. This approach aims to reduce risk while maintaining balance by making a large bet.

Play JetX Game

The primary goal of this technique is to limit risk while attempting, if possible, to achieve recurrent wins and keep your balance steady by making a massive bet. 

The small stake is here to try for an enormous multiplier that might increase your balance.

Example: Use Bet 6€/$ with a 1.40 multiplier on the left and another 0.5€/$ on an x30, x50, or even x100 multiplier on your other hand to boost your winnings.

Of course, we advise you to make your bets proportional to your balance so that your session does not come to an abrupt end.

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Play JetX – Play Volatile and Cash Out as Soon as Possible

Another option is to use a high-risk, volatile playstyle. This method aims to wager bigger than average and withdraw on low multipliers. For the record, JetX’s lowest multiplier is x1.35. It’s important to have recurring earnings and cash out as soon as you’ve made enough money. Be careful: if you get a lousy streak while betting larger than usual, your losses may quickly mount up.

Play JetX – Applying the Martingale to JetX

The last method we’ll show you is one that many casino players are familiar with, which can be risky for various reasons. The Martingale strategy starts with a small stake and doubles it each time you lose a wager. Bet 1€/$, lose, bet 2€/$, lose, bet 4€/$, win. You’ve wagered a total of 15€/$ across your eight bets and won by winning 16€/$ on your most recent round. This represents a profit of 1€/$.

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Play JetX – Benefits of Crash Game JetX

  • Unusual mechanics – the implemented Provably Fair technology determines the results by deriving combinations according to the players’ bets. This principle provides more control than conventional slots.
  • Large Win Multiplier – the multiplier starts from 1 and can be plus infinity. Of course, the latter option is only an assumption, but theoretically, it is possible. According to feedback from players and testers, once every two or three hours it is pretty realistic to wait for a multiplier from x100 to x200. More minor indicators will see much more often.
  • Simple Rules – even beginners can quickly figure out the rules using an intuitive control panel or table instructions
  • Exciting Rounds – the rounds are fast while always keeping in suspense. The player has a choice of when to withdraw the coefficient and the risks of missing out on the opportunity to receive a prize if Fortune turns away.
  • Adaptation for any Gadget – the game functions perfectly from all devices, so launching a plane and trying to get the most profitable odds is everywhere: at home, on vacation, or on a trip.

The game is similar to other crash games, such as Aviator. Fans of hit slot machines can change the picture, plot, and features and apply different strategies that bring the path to victory in Jet X closer. As another benefit, the perfect balance of adrenaline and excitement should be highlighted. Players can vary their pastimes, trying to be content with minimal income or taking risks to become the owner of a progressive Jackpot. Canada777 Casino has an excellent Welcome Bonus and the best casino games to play – Yes, JetX Game is one of them!

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Play JetX – The Aviator Game

Play JetX – What is the Aviator Game?

Play JetX – Aviator is the most fantastic game to play right now. Though often classified and categorized under online slots at most gambling establishments, this game deviates significantly from standard slot machines. The aviator game aims to keep your new and cash out before the plane flies off.

Get ready to shoot up into the sky and pick up rewards as high as you go with the Aviator slot. This crash game was released in 2019 and quickly became one of the most popular, provably fair titles among casinos.

It is also one of the fan-favourite picks from Spribe, a small-scale developer of online slots and casino games. 

The Aviator features a straightforward design with basic graphics. The game shifts the focus from the design to the thrilling gameplay that most players are probably unfamiliar with. Its feature makes it stand out, causing it to top many charts once released.

Play JetX – How to play the Aviator Game?

Unlike most other slots, the Aviator game does not have symbols, reels, rows, or paylines. As a casino crash game, it has a unique theme that will decide your betting result differently each time.

The game is entirely powered by a random number generator, with all wins recorded since the beginning of time so that players can look for fairness and transparency in all the results.

It is played with an aeroplane flying up at an increasing coefficient. The plane will keep flying until it suddenly goes away, and you aim to cash out before this happens.

The tricky part of this slot is that you can miss out on high rewards if you cash out too early. But, if you don’t cash out early, the plane will fly away, and you will lose entirely.

Play JetX – Aviator Game Features 

Live Bets: When playing the Aviator game, the player can check other players’ bets. This info is displayed on the bar to the left of the playing grid area. As well as showing the bets placed, players will also see the coefficients and winnings of all those who win.

Live Statistics: During gameplay, the player can check out statistics on players leading the leaderboard with their biggest wins and multipliers scored in a day, month or year.

In-game Chat: A chat tool is on the right side of the playing grid. This tool is handy for all players looking to make friends during gaming sessions. The tool is also essential as it helps enhance the immersion element of the Aviator game, as players can freely interact with each other. It’s possible to exchange jokes using emojis and GIFs!

Aviarace Tournaments: Often, tournaments are organized for Aviator players. Players can join the tournaments and compete with other players, and those who excel receive cash rewards, and free bets, among other special prizes.

Play JetX – Aviator Tips and Tricks

Aviator Game Features

We have collected some N1Casino aviator tricks for you. Even if you have played Aviator before, we recommend you to read them because they can be helpful.

  • Don’t try to predict or don’t believe anybody who tells you he knows how to win in the Aviator game. It is based on a random number generation algorithm. You can’t predict the outcome. Luck and patience are your best tools in this game.

  • Try demo mode first before playing on real money. N1Casino company cares about players, and almost all of their casino games have demo mode so the player can understand how the game works, including the N1Casino Aviator game.

  • Some strategies may help you win or at least minimize losses. Make high bets and hit the cashout button when the odds are low. Make low bets and wait for the high multiplier odds.

  • Although the game is random, the only skill you need is to stop at the right moment. Practice this a little bit.

Play JetX – Aviator is one of the most incredible games to play. Talking of game immersion, the creativity of the gameplay experience, the social element, as well as the competitive element, Aviator has it all.

The relatively new game comes with simple rules and instructions, thus making it appealing to all beginner players. To cap it all off, the Aviator game comes with a 97% RTP, meaning it’s one of the most lucrative games to play online.