JetX Game

JetX Game

by Wolfy Casino

JetX Game by SmartSoft Gaming - Play JetX at Wolfy Casino, and do not forget to claim the fantastic welcome bonus when registering.

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About JetX Game


The JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming

The JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming is an aircraft-inspired arcade-based game developed by SmartSoft Gaming in which players bet on the outcome of aircraft flying as high as possible.

Even though the game might seem very simple, it is advantageous and exciting. The game allows players to bet between 0.10€ and 600€. Of course, the more you bet, the more extensive the reward in the end is.

Play the JetX game at Wolfy Casino, 5Gringos Casino or Play Regal Casino today and start winning!

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The JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming

When Smart Soft Gaming decided to create this game, they had one thing in mind. They wanted to make a game that no one had ever played or seen before. They had an idea, and they went with that, probably the reason for their success with this arcade-based game.

As this has become one of the most played games in 2020, 2021 and what the statistics say the popularity of the game has not gone down, but on the contrary, in 2022, we can see that this game’s popularity is just growing.

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Once the player starts the JetX game, they will see the old-school vibe in this arcade game. In fact, what makes this game unique and attractive is its awesome retro design.

During the player’s gaming session, players will see a pixelated aircraft that will hover across the screen to the space.

The game’s backdrop is simple and dominated by black background with some stars and planets.

For the player to start the game, they have to decide how much they want to bet, anything from 0.10€ up to 600€.

Once you start the game, the aircraft will take off, and then the plane will start to shoot to space. The player can stop the game and claim the winnings by clicking the take button.


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Talking of the winnings, they are determined by the player’s bets set and the winnings are determined by the player, as you are the one who will decide when to stop.

There is only one catch, and if you fail to evacuate the plane before the aircraft explodes, you lose all of your winnings.

Jet X is the game of 2022 and this game you can play on the Best JetX Casinos.

You can win a lot in this arcade slot if luck is on your side, or you just are lucky, and you win your bet if your plane does not explode.

If you are tired of the regular way of playing slots, you should try this fantastic gaming. this way of gambling has not been done by anyone else before.

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JetX By SmartSoft Gaming

JetX Game is available on the following Online Casinos,Wolfy Casino PlayRegal Casino and VasyCasino . This is a thrilling game that is changing Online Casino gaming for players worldwide.

Play at Jetx at our best Casino and enjoy the most incredible welcome offers!


Cbet Casino offers new players a 100% Welcome Bonus up to 500€ and this is the best way to spend some time with Jet X slot is an aeroplane-themed game that you have never experienced before.

With the JetX Game, the idea is straightforward… See how far your nerves can take you.

The basis of the Slot machine is straightforward. Choose your bet, see the multiplier grow, and decide when to let go.

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As the higher the pale goes, your multiplier grows, but the plane can also explode up at any time.

The Jet X plane will start from Zero (0) and can go up as high as the sky is the limit… this is not something for the faint of heart players as this needs nerves of steel to play… are you ready to take the chance and be one of the new lucky winners on Jet X?

JetX By SmartSoft Gaming at Cbet

At the beginning of 2019 that Smartsoft Gaming launched the JetX Game. Wolfy Casino was the first online casino to have the game.

This game is unlike any other and offers exciting possibilities to casino players, especially with its high RTP (Return To Player) of 97%. 

Why is JetX one of the most popular games on the market? Because it is available on mobile, smartphones, tablets and PC, there are multiple jackpot levels and the winnings can be very fast.

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JetX Game FAQ


Is JetX a slot machine?

JetX Game is an arcade-based game that has been built around a random number generator (RNG).

Can I win in JetX Game?

Yes, you can win as long as you are logged in and have made an actual bet.

What Casinos can I play JetX Game at?

You can play the game on our top 3 online casinos.

What is the maximum win in JetX Game?

No maximum win is stated, and It depends on how far you can go without your plane exploding.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in JetX Game?

The minimum bet is 0.10€, and the maximum bet is 300€. You can pretty much choose anything between those bets.

Who has made the game JetX?

SmartSoft Gaming has developed the JetX game.

What is the best casino to play JetX?

We have to say that this is a tricky question to answer, as there are so many, but check out our Best JetX Casinos, and you will then be able to find your new favourite online casino.

What is the maximum gain amount on JetX?

This is the cool thing, and there is no actual max gain. If you are lucky enough, the jet can fly to infinity. But let´s be honest and realistic, so we can say that the most significant win we have managed to win was 374X our bet.

JetX can be played on which mobile devices?

The JetX Game by SmartSoft Gaming can be played on Mobile devices, Tablet Devices. No matter your operating system, it can be an Android, iOS or Windows device. The game will work!



The JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming Final Words


It has come the time of the final words on the JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming. We found JetX creative and more exciting than traditional slot games. Player control over wins and losses stood out significantly during our review. The independence of jumping out of the jet or waiting for an extra five seconds to increase your win makes the game interactive and fun.

We hope the rising popularity of JetX will provoke more game developers to produce easy-to-play yet engaging play-to-earn games.

One of the reasons online slots are such a popular choice among today’s gamblers is the immense number of variants available. However, such options are accompanied by a list of hits and misses. Whether a beginner or a seasoned player, there’s always something new and exciting to explore. JetX, like every other online slot, even though not a traditional game, has both positive and negative elements, which are detailed below.

In contrast to traditional slots, games using burst mechanisms give players far more control. That is the case with JetX, as you can cash out anytime before the Jets explodes. 

While the other two provide easy gameplay, with a random number generator determining whether you win, If you want to play it safe and receive a smaller payout, JetX lets you withdraw early, or you can wait long enough to risk your money for the chance for bigger wins. After the incredible success of JetX, it could be risky to venture to develop a better version, and yet, we can say that it is a success on the part of SmartSoft Gaming!

Indeed, JetX 3 doesn’t seem to have any flaws and looks like an improved version of JetX. The graphics are better, the animations and the futuristic interface have been worked on to improve immersion, and the addition of live chat is a real plus to this already cult game. The jackpot function that can be triggered anytime brings even more surprise to this adrenaline-pumping game.

SmartSoft Gaming offers a wide selection of games. Most of them are incredibly average in most respects. However, the unique art and user interface could be a powerful draw for a particular niche of players.

This gives the studio the desirable possibility of becoming a cult favourite. If their slots do, indeed, return close to 99%, it’s a good bet they will once more players discover them.




If you want to play with Bitcoins BetFury offers a similar game as JetX called Crush, check it out!

JetX Game's Features

JetX Game by SmartSoft Gaming - Play JetX at Wolfy Casino, and do not forget to claim the fantastic welcome bonus when registering.

JetX Game is an innovative arcade-type slot game developed by SmartSoft Gaming.


SmartSoft Games

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